180 Days to Fit Challenge (ok, really 179)

I have struggled with my weight ever since puberty hit (darn hormones)! I have experienced success a couple of times: once my junior year of high school and again when I was 25. I considered the latter to be my golden year of fitness; I was eating well most of the time and exercising consistently. I looked and felt great, you couldn’t tell me nothin’ (yes, I know double negative)!

Then about a couple of years later, I was in a stressful job, looking to bail by applying to grad school (that is a horrible reason to apply to any program btw). On the positive, I was  dating my now husband and was over the moon in love and of course lax with eating and exercise habits because who has time for that when you’re in looooove! The pounds started packing and by the time I was 28, I gained back the weight I lost at 25 and then some, I was about 190 pounds from 163. Add a couple of children to the mix and I ballooned to 225 pounds with a side of hypertension. That moment was a wake up call for me. I realized that I gave up control and just consumed excessively and became horribly sedentary. Frankly if it wasn’t for the hypertension diagnosis I would have very likely continued on this dangerous trajectory but God used it as a way to bring me back to health.

I wish I could say that it has been a straight line back to health but there have been many zig zags and I am still on the journey. After giving birth to my daughter last July, I promised myself that I would become my best self in all areas including health and fitness. Not just for my family or for vain reasons (although I would be lying if I didn’t say I want to look good) but to conqueor an area that has been a struggle for me for most of my life. Changing my lifestyle not just for a season but for good.

I formally began my fitness journey in September of 2017 after receiving clearance from my doctor.  They say losing weight is simple- consume less and work out more. It really is that simple for many (I understand there are certain conditions where it is not) and it was that simple for me at one point but it has since become a struggle and I am working on changing my mindset around that.


(unfortunately my initial draft was partially erased due to an internet connection fluke so the conclusion is what I remembered but it is only a shadow of the fullness of the original….)

I have made progress, losing over 30 pounds and now weighing about 185; I have also had some setbacks with unhealthy eating habits and skipping exercise for weeks at a time which has delayed me from achieving my goal. I am however determined to achieve the dream by January 1st of 2019 of reaching my goal weight of 145 lbs. That means I have 40 more pounds to lose between now and then. This is where the 180 Days to Fit Challenge comes in. I have a variety of workout programs I have purchased over the years that I will be using in addition to eating clean 80% of the time. I believe that the combination of these things with the added accountability of updating you on my progress will lead to favorable results. I am inviting anyone who wants to stop waiting until January 1st to lose the weight and instead aim to lose the weight by January 1st! I will be providing weekly updates on my progress between now and then. Let’s commit and let’s achieve! Cheers!



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