Laugh, Love, Live

It’s easy to fall into a routine pattern in marriage making it mundane over the course of time.

Keeping things fresh takes effort and the further one goes on in a marriage journey the more they may discover that their spouse has many layers and continues to add on more as he/she evolves in their human experience.

In almost five years of marriage and two children into our journey, I have changed in many ways; but there are some things about me that have remained very much the same. My love for good music with meaningful lyrics, 90’s television, a good Central American or West Indian meal, naps (haha like that happens now) and corny jokes. I love corny jokes! I can’t explain why-it’s just my thing-corny jokes and corny phrases. My husband is often perplexed by my sense of humor but because he loves me and knows it brings me great joy, he’ll always send it along when he comes across one; usually with a caption “you would like this…” It may seem like a minor gesture but it is huge in my book because it shows he pays attention to the details. The nuances of what makes me me, yes even with this quirky enjoyment of corny jokes. It is through small acts of love such as this that not only bring about laughter but allows our living, or co-existence to be that much sweeter. It also propels me to do the same for him-to study him and to love him in ways that are meaningful to him. In closing, I will share one of the corny jokes with you :). Have a good one!



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