The Fall season is upon us and with the change of seasons I find myself becoming reflective. There has been quite a bit to reflect on with both national and global events-but there are enough opinions floating in the blogosphere about that. My reflections have been more internal-they usually are and as an INFJ personality type. it is true to my nature.

In my time of reflection I remembered a sermon I heard toward the end of 2010 as the congregation was preparing for the new year. My former church always had a yearly theme to encourage our growth and for 2011 that theme was ORDER. Order in our spiritual lives, physical lives, financial and relational aspects of our lives. The teachings that I received under that theme were so impactful and even though I have long since left that church community (due to relocation), I often evaluated the state of my life by that measure. In recent months I have found that my life is simply out of order in all aspects. Nothing is flowing quite right, everything can be improved somehow.

What I realize now more than before is that the Spiritual is the foundation for the status of everything else so if that is off, everything else in my life will be off too. So instead of waiting for December 31st to roll around, I am taking charge now and working on those areas of my life in efforts to restore order. I will aim to chronicle some aspects of this journey in the days and weeks to come.


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