Starting Over

Starting over is hard. Especially after being inactive for so long. I had personal goals and ambitions that I laid out for 2016, some successes were attained but many were not. The most important ones were not. This goal of growing as a writer did not. The reason? I am not going to make excuses. I want to say that life happened; but life ALWAYS happens. Things will always come up. Time will never really be convenient to develop as a writer, especially in this season that I am in now. So again, I will not make excuses. What I will say is that there was a lot of growing in this season of absence. Growth sometimes hurts, growth sometimes is hard, growth sometimes requires one to step away from goals to just live, experience and come back with something to say. Something that will hopefully inspire and encourage others on a similar journey.

Now I am back. Hoping to be better. Hoping to be more consistent. Hoping to continue growing and sharing what I have learned and what I continue to as I go along. I am starting over.


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