It’s Time to Write My Own Song

I am a music lover and a karaoke aficionado; though I can’t carry a tune to save my life-ask my husband! After a long hiatus, I got my karaoke fix over the weekend singing songs from Alanis and Adele to Mariah and Mary. J to Backstreet Boys and Britney to S Club 7 and Sheryl Crow. I was having a blast immersing myself in the tunes of yesterday and basking in the mostly wonderful memories they produced.

I soon found that I transitioned from singing to reading the lyrics and analyzing the word selection, the flow and ultimately the messages that the songwriters conveyed through their lyrics. I was moved in a fresh way. It’s not like I didn’t know the lyrics-I have sung these songs many times, especially when they were popular on the radio. I think it was a combination of aging, life experience and the fact that I haven’t heard these songs in such a long time that made the lyrics come alive in a new way. My interpretation of the lyrics was entirely different from when I was first introduced to the songs. Some lyrics were so poignant and meaningful, others heart-wrenching and still others fun, playful and even sensual. They are human and relatable and of course the singers’ interpretation brought life and breath to the words which resonated with a large audience and in turn made these songs become popular and successful. My appreciation for these songs deepened further on the occasions that the singers were also the writers of these lyrics.

As an aspiring writer, I was inspired, challenged and encouraged by the singer/songwriters in particular. Once upon a time these songs were mere ideas or reflections. These individuals crafted those ideas into lyrics, arranged the melody and the vocals and marketed it to an audience who received it. These singer/songwriters are sharing their message with the world. This past weekend I was singing their songs, I was voicing their messages. When the magnitude of that realization hit me, I was inspired by their boldness to pursue their dream and encouraged by their success and by the “power of the pen” in general. I was also challenged-as much as I enjoyed singing their music it was that-THEIR MUSIC. THEIR INSIGHTS. THEIR MESSAGE. Not mine. I have desired to pursue professional writing for the longest time; but I have been waiting for the “perfect” time and after five years of waiting I have decided to finally start doing. This blog is my first step in pursuing that dream. I am not sure where this effort will take me and frankly I am not concerned; I will reach where I am destined to reach. I am just happy to finally get started.

It’s time to write my own song!


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